World Cup: England boss Roy Hodgson sees Andrea Pirlo as Italy’s key threat   no comments

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Roy Hodgson admits Andrea Pirlo is the main threat when England take on Italy in their ultimate team coins World Cup opener in Brazil.

The Three Lions kick off their Group D campaign against the Azzurri on June 14 in the hot and humid conditions of Manaus, before clashes with Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Among the stars set to line up for Italy will be former Manchester City forward Mario Balotelli, but Hodgson believes Pirlo, who was part of the team which won the World Cup in 2006, is the player they most have to respect.

Asked if he would made special plans to combat Balotelli, former Inter Milan boss Hodgson told Mediaset: “Do we fear him? I know him because he played in England. We have respect for everyone but if I have to give a name, I say Pirlo.

“In the last 10 years, he has made Italy play. I had him three months at Inter and he has had an incredible career.”

Italy knocked England out of Euro 2012 on penalties on the way to the final and qualified for the World Cup unbeaten under coach Cesare Prandelli.

Winning mentality

While Hodgson admits it will be tough, the England boss is taking a winning mentality into the clash.

“Italy are very strong,” he admitted. “Prandelli has done a great job in the last four years and I believe the Italian team has grown during this time.

“But are England defeated before we start the World Cup? Perhaps that’s how people in Italy see us but the game has to be played and then we shall see. I never think of being defeated before a game, I always think of winning.”

The England boss believes no team will have a special advantage in the testing conditions of the Amazon city of Manaus.

“We will do like any other team that will play in Manaus, which has a special climate,” he said.

“We are doing everything possible to prepare the players in order to deal with these conditions.

“It’s not the best situation for us but neither is it for Italy. I don’t think right now this even represents an advantage for any South American side.”

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FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 (PS3)   no comments

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Tips and Tricks: Our guide to the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 will facilitate you to enter the World Cup version of the soccer simulation. In our tips and cheap fifa 14 coins tricks to control and tactics in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 FIFA also old rabbits should find one or another helpful tip for the next match .

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil – tips and tricks to control and tactics

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Tips and Tricks: The official FIFA match for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 ( now FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014) is available since 17 April 2014. With our tips and tricks we want to also give FIFA beginners a guidance on how old veterans , who are confronted with some new features . Our first tips and tricks for FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil include a comprehensive control guide, which facilitates the entry beginners and professionals , the new control options and Tricks brings you closer .

Our Tips and Tricks FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 were originally created for the PS3 version of the game . On the Xbox 360 , however, applies a similar model , the buttons on the controller are , of course, but named differently . Thus, the [ square button ] corresponds to the PS3 the [ blue X button ] Xbox 360 The following table lists these tips and tricks we provide an overview of the buttons on the PS3 controller and their corresponding Xbox 360 counterparts. Make yourself familiar with it before you dive into the fray . For more FIFA 14 Coins news and information about the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 can be found on our topic page.

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FIFA Mondiali Brasile 2014   no comments

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Moving on to the online component , the game modes are similar to those already seen in FIFA 14, but cleverly adapted in key World Cup . The prince mode is ” Destination Rio de Janeiro ‘, a variant of the classic seasons that will give us the opportunity to travel through the stages of the Brazilian world , with the arena of Rio as the final stage . Just like in the classic seasons in order to continue our journey will victories , if we can not reach the predetermined number , not only will not be able to continue FIFA Coins to the next stage , but we risk even to downgrade to the previous one .

In this interesting mode will be joined by two variants of classic as the opportunity to play FIFA World Cup online against other human players around the world , and the inevitable friendly online. As you may have guessed then , variations to suit all tastes .

Take the field

Speaking of the gameplay of FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 , we must emphasize the willingness of developers to deliver content that also in the aspect of sheer playability try to evolve that seen in FIFA 14 .

Took to the field , the feeling that returns the game is very similar to the official chapter . Nevertheless, there are some changes and improvements, especially with regard to some animations and movements of the FUT Coins players without the ball . News also with regard to the more tactical component of the title, with the possibility of finally being able to manage the schemes also from corner kicks , and above all, a revised version of a penalty shootout .

However, the biggest change is perceived as most important in the game from the offensive phase of the matches . We do not speak of a real imbalance , but rather a greater predisposition on the part of teams to attack phase . The defenses , operating in a very high , they will leave a lot more space to players with enormous potential for rapid insertion with rapid triangles. Mind you, nothing that can not be settled hacking some of the parameters of the game, but it is a clear sign of the direction that this production has decided to undertake , which can be summed up in one word : spectacular .

This choice can also be seen in the construction of everything that revolves around the field of play. Taking up a little some very dear users of the Xbox version of FIFA 14 One , the developers have added a number of elements that point to convey the emotion and feelings of this important sporting event .

Shots of the stages, pre -and post- game ceremonies , links the most important squares in the world and playing almost all CT who had access to the final stage of the competition, are all factors that affect who is playing , doing live this amazing experience does not only from the point of view of classical fan , but also looking to indulge in one of the coach and players .

To close the discussion on the technical component , as there is always the inseparable duo Caressa – Bergomi who will tell us the World Cup through the classic commentary . Although there is still much work to be done in this regard , we must admit that the introduction of some new phrase created specifically for this event , it gives a bit of lifeblood to a sector that resulted now too stagnant.

We could then make a judgment about this product, but I have not been able to test all the way down the quality of the online component , and given its importance within the game, we reserve a few hours of play before expressing our Full Review and exhaustive . Back on our pages for the full review .

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Analysis of World Cup FIFA 14 for PS3 and Xbox 360   no comments

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The World is approaching : the footballers already have day thinking about who will be 9 Red head in tough group that we have had in the first phase … And this Thursday, April 17 arrives on PS3 and Xbox 360 FIFA World Cup 2014 soccer FIFA 14 Coins game from EA Sports World for those willing to entertain the command looks in hands.

The basis of this game playable is FIFA 14. That means that at the level of game mechanics , gameplay enhancements and others, if you liked FIFA 14 you’ll like what you find here . Unfortunately , that also means that you will not find almost nothing new in that area if you already have FIFA 14 on the shelf. You will have to weigh whether the areas in which it does offer changes to compensate you buy the game.

In the news section playable soon found the new system of penalties (which can cause the goalie to lose the nerves ) and an improved control system . There will also be new animations with some interest , as the ability to rely on the defense to head the ball ) . The official ball of the physical world , the Adidas Brazuca , has been recreated to make it as realistic as possible .

The most interesting new options are in different game modes. FIFA World Cup is not focused on the World just because FIFA include all teams and players (203 teams ) in addition to the 12 stages of the Brazilian championship. This ” World Cup ” offers a package of new gameplay modes focused on the international soccer championship : no less than six eigenmodes add to the standard FIFA 14 (Quick Game , Games, Online Friendlies and EA Sports Football Club ) .

In these six game modes have different ways of approaching the soccer competition for excellence. Sailing to the World Cup allows us to live any more qualifying finals in any of the 203 selections. Captain your team takes you to become a leader of your national team starting as a player of the bunch. Flights to Rio de Janeiro World Cup and FIFA Online game modes are online we face other jugadore ; in the first, on a map with the 12 host cities to the final at the Maracana , and the second through the group stage and four knockout games later .

The last two modes are, in my opinion, the most curious of all offer the game. World History will not be activated until you start racing : So we offer different challenges according to sports daily agenda; a great added value to make the most of everyday event in Brazil. History of the Qualifying Rounds leads by stellar classification process milestones : up to 60 stellar moments so we can relive ( and rewrite ) history.

Technically the game keeps the engine of FIFA 14 , so there is no appreciable change; there will be no PS4 and Xbox version of One ( a purely commercial decision about the low installed base , especially in Brazil, one of the main markets for this game for obvious reasons) . The soundtrack includes Brazilian music ( The Yegros , David Correy , em Branco e Quintet Preto … ) and an international selection of electronic music that adds to the first official World Cup song , the ubiquitous Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte .

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Ultra-high definition TV featured at World Cup   no comments

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TOKYO — The World Cup will showcase the latest in TV technology that industry leaders hope will usher in a new era in sports broadcasting.

Japanese electronics giant Sony, in partnership with FIFA, will produce a World Cup film in ultra-high definition 4K, the next generation of broadcast and media resolutions.

Developed in 2003 by the technical research division of Japanese national broadcaster NHK, ultra-high definition, also known as 4K, delivers more nuance and detail than high definition TV.

Niclas Ericson, FIFA’s director of TV, said “4K will propel Fut 14 Coins fans around the globe into a whole new viewing dimension and it marks the dawning of a new era in the broadcasting of sport.”

Companies like BSkyB and ESPN are considering the potential of a dedicated 4K sports channel.

Ultra-high definition displays have eight million pixels, four times the number of pixels for high definition TVs, making it ideal for sports broadcasting. A pixel is the smallest single component of a digital image. The more pixels that comprise an image, the clearer it becomes.

The World Cup film will include a selection of games, including the final, and will be available for purchase online after the World Cup. In addition to the World Cup film, one match from the round of 16, one quarterfinal match and the final will be produced in ultra-high definition.

“We are very excited to offer an entirely new viewing experience at the greatest sport event in the world,” said Soichi Kawachi, vice president in charge of the FIFA Partnership at Sony. “We will deliver a unique and totally compelling entertainment experience, conveying the excitement of the matches in Brazil with the depth and vividness that the ultra-high definition of 4K delivers.”

While 4K replaces high definition as the highest-resolution signal available for in-home movies and television, there are obstacles to overcome before the format becomes the industry standard.

There is little consumer 4K content currently available, and the technology is still pricy. A 55-inch ultra-high definition TV in Japan sells for about $3,400 while a high definition TV costs about $600.

While the new format will get some good exposure from the World Cup venture, the timing, at least as far as the Japan market goes, is not ideal.

Japan raised its sales tax on April 1. While some better-off Japanese have splashed out on luxury goods and vehicles, most consumers remain wary.

Still, the future of 4K is bright. While 3D TV sales are sluggish, industry analysts expect 4K to be a success once prices come down.

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Countdown to 2014 World Cup in Brazil: Day 60   no comments

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The 2014 World Cup begins on June 12, when Brazil plays Croatia in the opening match. Reporters and editors for The Times will count down to the start of the tournament each day with fifa coins online a short capsule of news and interesting tidbits.

The FIFA video game series is certainly the soccer experience of choice for millions around the world. Yet, for aficionados seeking perhaps a more cerebral experience with the game, players and strategies, Football Manager 14 is worth a look.

Especially in this World Cup year, with only 60 days to go before the first kickoff, Football Manager (with 10 million copies sold) can provide a taste of what it is like to run any club in more than 50 countries, including teams in Europe and Major League Soccer.

The program enables you to manage a team, deciding who plays and who sits, and dictating what type of tactics are employed as matches are played out by the program’s three-dimensional match simulator. Football Manager’s database (which is used by some professional clubs in England and elsewhere) has been constructed based on information and analysis from hundreds of correspondents around the globe.

With the start of the tournament nearing, The New York Times asked the folks at Football Manager to run a simulation of each game of the World Cup based on the data compiled within the program. Here are the results:

Group Stage

Group A Brazil 0-0 Croatia; Mexico 0-2 Cameroon; Brazil 2-0 Mexico; Croatia 2-2 Cameroon; Cameroon 0-1 Brazil; Mexico 1-1 Croatia

Group B Spain 3-1 Netherlands; Chile 1-1 Australia; Australia 0-4 Netherlands; Spain 2-2 Chile; Australia 0-4 Spain; Netherlands 1-1 Chile

Group C Colombia 1-0 Greece; Ivory Coast 0-0 Japan; Colombia 0-0 Ivory Coast; Japan 1-1 Greece; Japan 0-1 Colombia; Greece 1-2 Ivory Coast

Group D Uruguay 4-2 Costa Rica; England 1-0 Italy; Uruguay 2-2 England; Italy 3-0 Costa Rica; Italy 1-1 Uruguay; Costa Rica 0-5 England

Group E Switzerland 2-1 Ecuador; France 1-0 Honduras; Switzerland 0-0 France; Honduras 1-3 Ecuador; Honduras 0-2 Switzerland; Ecuador 1-2 France

Group F Argentina 2-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina; Iran 1-0 Nigeria; Argentina 4-0 Iran; Nigeria 1-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina; Nigeria 2-3 Argentina; Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-1 Iran


Group G Germany 2-1 Portugal; Ghana 3-1 United States; Germany 1-0 Ghana; United States 0-0 Portugal; United States 1-3 Germany; Portugal 2-0 Ghana

Group H Belgium 4-1 Algeria; Russia 2-2 South Korea; Belgium 1-1 Russia; South Korea 2-1 Algeria; South Korea 1-2 Belgium; Algeria 0-1 Russia

Second Round

Brazil 1-0 Netherlands; Cameroon 1-2 Spain; Colombia 0-3 Uruguay; England 2-0 Ivory Coast; Switzerland 3-0 Nigeria; France 0-3 Argentina; Russia 1-2 Germany; Portugal 0-1 Belgium


Brazil 2-1 England; Spain 4-2 Uruguay; Switzerland 0-1 Belgium; Argentina 3-0 Germany


Brazil 2-0 Argentina; Spain 2-0 Belgium

Third Place

Argentina 2-1 Belgium


Brazil 1-0 Spain

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Guardiola: My players have huge hearts   no comments

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Pep Guardiola has hailed his “best” hour at Bayern Munich after steering the holders to the UEFA Champions League’s semi-finals as they bid to reach their fourth final in five years.

The holders had to come from behind before romping to a 3-1 victory at home to Manchester United at Munich’s Allianz Arena in Wednesday’s quarter-final, second-leg to win the tie 4-2 on aggregate.

“We are in the semi-finals, so I’m very, very proud of my team,” said Guardiola after goals by Mario Mandzukic, Thomas Muller and Arjen Robben cancelled out Patrice Evra’s superb second-half strike for United. “I’m happy.

“My players have huge hearts. This is the best part of the season for me, now we’re in a superior situation.”

Atletico are pure passion and it’s their first time in this situation. It’s unbelievable for their fans what they have done so far.

Pep Guardiola

Having won 14 titles in four seasons as Barcelona coach, the 43-year-old Guardiola has already won three titles in less than ten months at Bayern after conquering the UEFA Super Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup and the Bundesliga with a record seven matches to spare.

Guardiola assesses potential opponents

Bayern will discover their semi-final opponents in Friday’s draw in Nyon, with Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Chelsea also in the last four.

“I often get asked which team I want but each side has their own qualities,” he said. “Real have superior players with enormous qualities, such as [Cristiano] Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso, [Gareth] Bale etc. Atletico are pure passion and it’s their first time in this situation. It’s unbelievable for their fans what they have done so far.

“Chelsea have a lot of experience, with players like Petr Cech, [Branislav] Ivanovic, [Frank] Lampard and the Blues have a trainer with a lot of experience too. Each team have their own strengths and we’ll analyse them as well as possible.”

Having become the first German team to win the treble of Champions League, Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal crowns last season, Bayern are bidding to become the first side to defend former honour.

“I have been here nearly a year and I have seen why they won everything last year,” said Guardiola, who has reached his 15th Champions League semi-final as a FIFA 14 Coins player or coach. “They have great team spirit and I am proud. It’s an enormous honour to be here.”

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FIFA 14 : qui sont les meilleurs jeunes en mode “Fifa 14 Carrière “?   no comments

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Le jeu vidéo de EA Sports Fifa 14 est un véritable carton sur Playstation 4 ou sur Xbox One et de nombreux fans de football s’affronte et tente de monter la meilleure équipe pour gagner le mode carrière de Fifa 14 ou afin de jouer en ligne contre des adversaires du monde entier ! Alors, avant la période des transferts, découvrez qui sont les cheap fifa coins meilleurs jeunes joueurs de FIFA 14 !

Afin de donner le potentiel maximum à votre équipe, nous vous présentons les 5 meilleurs jeunes joueurs du mode carrière de FIFA 14. Ce classement est basé sur la note initiale du joueur mais également sur la note maximale que le jeune joueur peut atteindre après des années d’entrainement. Souvent ces jeunes joueurs, dont voici le top 5 sont très jeunes et donc très prometteurs :

Anthony Martial : AS Monaco – 63 > 87

Zakaria Bakkali : PSV Eindhoven – 73 > 90

Lucas Moura : PSG – 82 – 90

Siebe Schrijvers : RC Genk – 61 – 85

Bruma : Sporting CP – 75 > 88

Nous vous conseillons donc de vous pencher sur ces jeunes joueurs dès le début de votre carrière sur Fifa 14 car leur prix de transfert est très abordable et vous permettra de récupérer de futurs top players, que vous pourrez faire jouer dans votre équipe Fifa 14 ou revendre à un très bon prix pour acheter une autre star !

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UK Charts: FIFA 14 Is Back at the Top   no comments

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FIFA is a franchise that can’t be stopped in the UK. After weeks of being denied the top spot, FIFA 14 has come roaring back, denying The Elder Scolls Online from launching at the cheap fifa 14 coins top. The Elder Scrolls Online, which launched last week, had to settle for second place.

inFamous: Second Son, which was at the top spot for the past two weeks, took a slight tumble to the sixth spot. This puts it behind Titanfall, which still occupies the third spot it had the previous week.

Other than The Elder Scrolls Online there were no other new releases.

Check out the full Top 20 below:

FIFA 14 (EA) – 4

The Elder Scrolls Online (Bethesda) – Brand New

Titanfall (EA) – 3

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Activision) – 8

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (Konami) – 2

inFamous: Second Son (Sony) – 1

The LEGO Movie Videogame (Warner Bros.) – 5

South Park: The Stick of Truth (Ubisoft) – 7

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (Microsoft) – 9

Battlefield 4 (EA) – 13

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (EA) – 11

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Ubisoft) – 17

Thief (Square Enix) – 14

Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar) – 18

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Warner Bros.) – 16

Dark Souls II (Bandai Namco) – 12

Rayman Legends (Ubisoft) – 20

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright (Capcom) – 15

Need for Speed: Rivals (EA) – 20


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Michael Ballack tips Brazil, Germany and Spain for World Cup   no comments

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German veteran Michael Ballack, who missed out on a place in the 2002 World Cup final through suspension, has tipped his country to succeed at this year’s tournament.

Having had to watch from the sidelines twelve years ago as Brazil picked up a fifth world crown, Ballack also suggested that Spain and the 2014 hosts can lift the sport’s most famous trophy. He told “They’ve had a few difficult years with the national team recently , there’s no doubt about that: so much is always expected of Brazil teams.”

“But at the Confederations Cup, they proved what they can produce at home. That is why they’re one of the favourites for the trophy.”

“It’s tough for anyone to be successful in South America. No European country has won a World Cup there and it’s not going to be easier for the European teams these days either. Along with Spain, though, Germany are on another level from most others. We’ll have to wait and see how the other contenders perfrom , but Germany certainly deserve to be counted among the favourites.”

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