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Centre-back Gary Cahill and striker Daniel Sturridge will be the only survivors from Thursday’s 2-1 loss to Uruguay in Sao Paulo, which sealed England’s elimination in the FIFA Ultimate Team Coins group phase.

“Well, Ben Foster will play in goal,” Hodgson told a pre-match press conference at the Estadio Mineirao.

“The right-back will be Phil Jones. Gary Cahill will play centre-half alongside Chris Smalling, and Luke Shaw will play left-back.

“In midfield we will have (James) Milner, (Frank) Lampard, (Jack) Wilshere, (Ross) Barkley and (Adam) Lallana, and Sturridge will play up front.”

Southampton left-back Shaw, 18, and 20-year-old Everton midfielder Barkley will be making their first competitive starts for England.

While Hodgson is eager to give as many members of his squad a taste of World Cup football as possible, he also wants to see his side sign off with a victory.

“With a very different team and a lot of players who haven’t played in the tournament so far, I wanted everyone to go home from this tournament — or at least as many as possible — having taken part and played in a game, not just training,” he said.

“We’re very conscious of the fact that our fans are as disappointed and devastated as we are, but they are still here supporting us.

“We came into the hotel and received a lot of sympathy, kind words from them, and we really want to make certain tomorrow (Tuesday) night that they see something that they can take some encouragement from.

“And most importantly of all, it’s a top-class international on the biggest stage of all, the World Cup, so anything else than taking the game very seriously and trying to win the game in its own right would be out of the question.”

Hodgson had already announced that 36-year-old Lampard would captain the side, on what is expected to be his final England appearance, with regular skipper Steven Gerrard starting on the bench.

Lampard is expected to announce his international retirement after the tournament, but Hodgson still hopes to be able to call upon the former Chelsea midfielder in future.

“With regard to Frank Lampard, he’s 36,” Hodgson added. “We don’t know as yet what his next destination is. I would be more than happy if Frank remains available for selection because you never know when you need players.

“A quality player like him, I am sure he could serve the country well even in the future, but I haven’t had that conversation with him as such as yet.”

While there is nothing riding on the match for England, Costa Rica require a point from the game to secure top spot in Group D.

England FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins team to play Costa Rica: Ben Foster; Phil Jones, Gary Cahill, Chris Smalling, Luke Shaw; Frank Lampard (capt), Jack Wilshere; James Milner, Ross Barkley, Adam Lallana; Daniel Sturridge

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EA Sports FIFA and PES 2015 will be released when?   no comments

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Gamers eagerly anticipated EA Sports FIFA 15 Coins and PES 2015 will be released when? FIFA and PES 2015 demo features (FIFA and PES games making full download crack) news here. That’s when EA Sports FIFA and PES 2015 will be released? FIFA and PES 2015 demo features (FIFA and PES games full download crack do) all the details.

Gamers eagerly anticipated EA Sports FIFA and PES 2015 will be released when? FIFA and PES 2015 demo features (FIFA and PES games making full download crack) news here. That’s when EA Sports FIFA and PES 2015 will be released? FIFA and PES 2015 demo features (FIFA and PES games full download crack do) all the details.

Games FIFA and PES biggest rivals of the world, this time with the September 15th version is preparing to go on stage. FIFA 15′s football players will focus on the intensity of emotion and behavior is specified.

Games will take place in more than 600 emotional animation. One of the players when he had conflict with another long-term, a negative against each other to interact.

Each kind of shot that can be taken

More than a thousand players PES remodeling that added 15 new animations. In the game, shooting system has also changed now that Konami said in an unlimited variety of shots you can take.

The most realistic control

PES also is preparing to sign a spectacular comeback. Gameplay will change the system from top to bottom of the PES 15 is more realistic and responsive to a control system.

Things to do in Celebration

Experienced in the last moments of the match after a victory celebration will be an exciting footballers in the game. Dynamic Match Report an intense feeling with the feature flow field from the stands, while the excitement of the match will be greatly increased.

Lineups will be updated

Give thanks to the big leagues in the Balance of Play system will be updated every week of the team and thus will not wait for new acquisitions coming update. On the other hand will reduce the reaction time in the game. On September 26, PES 2015 PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and will be available for Xbox One. Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation 4 will now play 3D Blu-ray discs.

Players will be purchased

PES Master League Online in Master League with the money going and some products will be sold. Myclub that feature in this new mode, you set up your own team or the real money, you also will be able to get players with in-game money. Full Pitcher thanks to the artificial intelligence system now projected onto the screen using the entire field rather than the department will move.

Starter will also be cheering

On the other hand, FIFA different teams, different fans to cheer their own differences with the core containing the starter will contribute.

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12 Leaked Ratings That Are Already Wrong – James Rodriguez   no comments


Another Fut Coins player who has exploded onto the world scene over the past 12 months is James Rodriguez. A Golden Boot-winning string of performances at this summer’s World Cup have ensured the 23-year-old has taken centre stage recently but you could make the case that Real Madrid’s new signing is somewhat overrated.

Yes, Rodriguez enjoyed a fantastic World Cup. He averaged a goal once every 67 minutes at the finals in Brazil, finishing as the tournament’s leading marksman with six goals and two assists. As such, Real paid a reported €80 million for his services when they signed him from Monaco this summer.

However, at Monaco, Rodriguez was something of a disappointment during his one and only season in France in 2013-14, failing to hit double figures in Ligue 1 after mustering up just nine goals. And it’s only because of his unexpected performances at the World Cup, along with the inflated fee Madrid have just signed him for that have prompted EA to reportedly boost his score in FIFA 15 to 86 from 83 in last year’s iteration, which we feel is a knee-jerk reaction considering the South American has only recently started to turn it on at the highest levels of the game.

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‘FIFA 15′ Cheats, Ultimate Team Mode   no comments


Since February, EA Sports has been banning several thousands of accounts in FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode.

Nonetheless, it is still a major undertaking to stop cheating, coin farming, selling and bot abuse. They have resorted to warning users that they will be facing permanent and automatic bans if they continue with their prohibited activities, according to Polygon.

Marcel Kuhn, lead producer of “FIFA 15,” said they will deploy automated systems that will identify the abusers. According to the official site of EA Sports, any violation will get them a straight red card, which means a total ban of the account once it is discovered using exploits to either record false match results, coin farming, or selling.

They had been doing the policing manually in the past but it has become too labor intensive. There are more than 12 million unique players of FIFA Ultimate Team, which introduced the fantasy-sports/card-collecting mode in “FIFA 09.” However, bots have attacked its transfer market. Players buy and sell cards as in-game currency and bots automatically buy the items and farm them for coins that are later resold.

These coins are used by players to acquire boosts and randomized packs of player cards in order to build an Ultimate Team.

EA Sports exclusively sells a separate currency which can be bought with real money that can be used to acquire the packs. The currency is not transferrable. Therefore, any other person selling coins are doing so illegally and promoting or trafficking the sales of coins several times will get the player permanently banned.

Not only do the bots hijack the transfer market, the legitimate transfers get stuck and the transaction cannot be completed. Players end up losing coins or lose the items that were for sale.

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EA Determined to End Ultimate Team Cheating   no comments


EA have decided to put their foot down on cheating in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

In a recent blog post, EA noted that the reason why players some times are unable to complete their Ultimate Team transfers, lose coins and players, and cannot get any search results in the Ultimate Team Transfer Market is down to cheaters who use “bots.”

As a result, EA is going to get tough on cheaters come FIFA 15.

Anyone caught buying and/or promoting coins will receive two cautions before being banned from all online play. That is, cheaters can still play the game, but not FUT and Pro Clubs, two online exclusive modes.

Those who directly partake in coin selling and “farming” via “bots” will receive a straight “red card” and be banned from online FIFA.

FUT producer Marcel Kuhn elaborated more about the cheating situation to Eurogamer: ”What we’re trying to do is clean up what [cheaters are] doing in-game to get their coins, which is essentially what affects the experience.”

“The bots are the vehicle the coin sellers use to get to the merchandise they are selling. If we’re able to shut that down and counter their activities, the experience will improve in general, as well as they will have a hard time getting the coins they’re selling.

“This is a key battle.”

Kuhn also elaborated on Youtubers who promote coin selling sites in their videos.

“We have done already things in the past since the end of the last year,” Kuhn said.

“We have stopped interacting or inviting YouTubers who are affiliated with coin selling sites to EA events.

“That was the first step. Now we will continue to investigate.

“That’s why the ban process around promoting coins is very important.

“Also there are many YouTubers doing this, maybe without knowing what they’re causing.

“So we want to make sure they know what’s coming and that going forward they have the chance to rectify what they’re doing, before we bring down the banning process on them.”

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Ludicrous Ratings EA Sports Need To Fix: Romelu Lukaku   no comments


Admittedly, Romelu Lukaku has flitted from one Premier League side to the next over the course of the last two seasons after failing to make any sort of impact at Chelsea. The young striker never managed to crack the first-team squad at Stamford Bridge and found himself loaned out to West Bromwich Albion and Everton in 2012-13 and 2013-14, respectively.

However, he scored wherever he went which is why we can’t quite figure out his lowly score of 77 in last year’s game. Lukaku netted 17 goals during his temporary spell at the Baggies and added a further 15 during his stay with the Toffees – just one of the reasons why they recently made him their club-record transfer signing to make his stay at Goodison Park permanent.

He might not have made the grade at Chelsea but that’s really no reason to keep his rating so low, and hopefully EA will recognise his status as one of the Premier League’s best young strikers by the time FIFA 15 ships next month and hand him a rating of about 80.

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Belgian Eden Hazard Joins Messi on FIFA 15 Cover   no comments

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Belgian star and Chelsea Midfielder Eden Hazard will be joining Lionel Messi on the cover of FIFA 15 for the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The 23-year old has expressed his delight at being featured on the box, stating:

I have played FIFA all of my life and it’s a huge honor to be asked to be on the cover of FIFA 15. Now that I have played the game I can say it’s the most realistic football game I have seen.

Making the announcement, EA said that Hazard has had a great season in FIFA 14, and he was traded over 780,000 times in FIFA Ultimate Team. The highest price of the trade on the transfer market was 2.5 million coins.

FIFA 15 is out on September 26 the region.

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10 Highest-Rated Premier League Players Leaked–Wayne Rooney   no comments

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The last 87 on this list is a surprising one. Despite basically carrying Manchester United on his own shoulders at times last season, Wayne Rooney has apparently only managed to retain his rating of 87 from last year’s game. This is odd considering Rooney was quite easily United’s best players last term, finishing as the club’s top goalscorer with 17 league strikes.

During the absence of Robin van Persie through injury in 2013-14, it fell to Rooney to put the goals away for United and he was still able to excel despite not having his Dutch strike partner to play off. We also find it a little ridiculous that van Persie – who comes next on this list – has outscored the England international despite the fact he scored five fewer goals and played eight fewer games.

We feel Rooney has been a little hard-done by if these leaks prove accurate, and would personally have moved him forward a point or two to at least put him in line with van Persie’s rating. Unfortunately, it appears as though the Dutchman’s impressive showings for the Netherlands at this summer’s World Cup have led to him getting a somewhat generous rating of…

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FIFA 15:Career Mode Needs Training Options   no comments


Training is a difficult feature to apply to a football management simulation, and if detailed in the same scale as Football Manager 2014, it could frustrate fans looking for a less meticulous experience. On the other hand, very basic options leave virtual managers with little more to do than handling transfers and FIFA 14 Coins playing matches.

Master League in PES5 provided you with the chance to hone specific players’ attributes during the off-season. Getting the best results required an element of skill in striking the right balance of improving your players without overworking them. Presented in a simple layout and easy to use, training was a handy but non-essential feature of classic PES.

Something along the lines of the Adidas micoach sessions introduced in the 2014 FIFA World Cup game could spice up pre-season training in Career Mode, but being forced to actually play out the drills could ruffle a few feathers. There’s no harm in including the option if users are given the option to delegate the work to an assistant staff member, or turn it off completely.

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5 key aspects that will decide the war:Gameplay   no comments

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EA has introduced the Ignite engine for PC, PS4 and the Xbox 360. This engine enhances the gameplay of the FIFA 15 game to the next level. The passing of the ball and the fluidity of the game in FIFA 15 has been enhanced. There also a few more additions such as emotionality where the player cries if he is injured or when he misses an open chance and the crowd boos at him.

PES 2015’s new engine called ‘Fox Engine‘ has also made the game much better to play. The game’s flow is smooth and is taken to the next-gen level. Few glitches like shooting time and passing accuracy have been fixed in Konami’s PES 2015.

However, the main question is which game has the better gameplay? Having played the 2014 versions of both the games, my opinions might be slightly inclined towards FIFA over PES with smooth gameplay and realistic reactions being the two primary reasons. Although, the AI in FIFA is impleted a bit too much, restricting the choices that users make. For example, instead of passing where you intended to in the first play, the AI might pass it into a different direction. If this glitch is rectified in this year’s FIFA installment, expect PES to taste defeat once again.

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Tobias Sana sees Aalborg move fall through   no comments

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Swedish Ajax winger Tobias Sana has seen a possible move to Danish champions Aalborg fall through.

Speaking to Swedish media his agent Anders Karlsson has stated that Aalborg are now longer after Sana’s services. The young winger came to Ajax in 2012 but has never established himself as a first-team regular under Frank de Boer. Last season he played most of his game for Ajax’ reserves side in the second tier of Dutch football.

Speaking to FotbollDirekt.se his agent said: “I can tell you that this is not the case anymore. We have spoken to Aalborg over the summer but a deal is not going to happen. But there are other options for Tobias which we are looking at now.”

The former Malmo player is currently in his last year with the Dutch champions and it seems unlikely that he will remain with the club for much longer. A move away from the Dutch capital would have to be permanent one as Sana’s long-term future is all what matters.

“We will of course listen to loan offers but as Tobias is now at a vital stage in his career and he has to play first-team football week in week out on a long-term basis.”

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