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A traveling dealer has been stranded south of Varrock when his cart was attacked by native outlaws. He wants the assistance of a hero to recover his lost documents, however that is not all… The Varrock Palace Secret Guard (VPSG) ar on the path of treacherous dealings with the Monks of Zamorak. can you be able to RS gold facilitate the VPSG and uncover what lies below?

A traveling dealer has been stranded south of Varrock when his cart was attacked by native outlaws. He wants the assistance of a hero to recover his lost documents, however that is not all… The Varrock Palace Secret Guard (VPSG) ar on the path of treacherous dealings with the Monks of Zamorak. can you be able to facilitate the VPSG and uncover what lies below?

Head to the northwestern corner of the Grand Exchange and climb into the underwall tunnel. Then, walk south between the stream and also the wall to succeed in the Outlaw camp.

Once at the camp, kill five Outlaws (level 46) to retrieve five of Rat’s papers papers, then use them on the folder Rat gave you.

Return to Rat with the complete folder, and he can provide you with another assignment. He can raise you to deliver his letter to Surok Magis within the library of Varrock.

Head to the library in Varrock Castle and speak with Surok Magis. He can tell you that he will build clay into gold bars. so as to solid the spell, he can would like 2 things, a normal Bowl and a wand infused with Chaos. He can provide you with a Wand for you to infuse and Sin’keth’s diary. you’ll even be told to go looking the bookcases in northeastern corner of the library for the Dagon’hai history book. scan each books to search out out a lot of concerning the Dagon’hai’s topographic point and also the road to the Chaos altar.

Now you’ve got to induce to the Chaos altar. There ar five ways in which to induce there. All need a chaos amulet or jewelled headdress.

Option 1: (Recommended, forty two Mining required)
Leave Varrock via the japanese gates and so follow the trail north till you reach the sculpture of Saradomin. consult with Pakistani monetary unit Jones and he or she can provide you with a Bronze pick. Excavate the sculpture to reveal a tunnel. Enter the tunnel and so head north till you reach a portal, resulting in the second level of the Chaos Maze. Once inside the maze, go down the near ladder to the northwest to succeed in the altar.

Option 2: (Long and partly Safe)
Head to the Chaos Temple entrance within the wild. Once within, build your method through the maze to Chaos Altar. {this will|this will|this could|this may} take your time because the maze can get frustrating and also the practise the wild may be dangerous. see the Chaos Altar Map for facilitate.

Option 3: (Mage of Zamorak mini-quest required)
Go to Edgeville and from there northeast to the Mage of Zamorak. Have him transport you to the chasm, then build your method through the rift to the Chaos entrance. Enter it and you’ll be placed directly before of the Chaos Altar, thus you are doing not have to be compelled to undergo the maze. Here may be a map of the chasm.

Option 4: (50 Runecrafting required)
Use a Chaos altar transport to transport you close up to the Chaos Temple entrance within the wild. Once within, build your method through the maze to Chaos Altar. {this will|this will|this could|this may} take your time because the maze can get frustrating and also the practise the wild may be dangerous. see the Chaos Altar Map for facilitate.

Option 5:
Use a Wicked hood with a consumed Chaos amulet may be wont to safely transport to the Chaos Altar.

Use your wand on the altar, and it’ll begin to glow. Leave the maze for Varrock and take this Infused wand back to Surok Magis. He can raise you to require Surok’s letter to Rat Burgiss.

Head back to Rat Burgiss and deliver the message. Rat can inform you that he’s truly the commander of Varrock Palace Secret Guard which Surok Magis is coming up with on usurping the dominion of Misthalin by employing a mind management spell on King Roald. Rat can direct you to Zaff, the owner of the employees search in Varrock sq., so as to arrange a spell to counteract Surok’s magic.

Visit the employees search, and Zaff can justify his attempt to you. He can provide you with a Beacon ring and directions on a way to arrest Surok Magis. Get yourself prepared for a fight.

Go to the library and decide to arrest Surok Magis. He can solid his spell on King Roald and you’ll have to be compelled to fight him. Fight King Roald till he’s at zero hitpoints and so choose ‘Summon’ on the Beacon Ring. Zaff can arrive. He can save King Roald and watch out of Surok. He can then tell
Cheap rs gold you to travel and consult with Rat.

Return to Rat Burgiss to complete the hunt.

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We are highly playing attention to the FIFA 16 player ratings, which is the hottest topic among the FIFA fans recently. Though it is long to the release of FIFA 16, many predictions coininfifa are there. Well, we are in and here is the suggestion.

81. Antonio Candreva
82. Miralem Pjanic
83. Juan Cuadrado
84. Paul Pogba
85. Igor Akinfeev
86. Ezequiel Garay
87. De Gea
88. John Terry
89. Per Mertesacker
90. Aaron Ramsey

Candreva has had a fine season indeed in light blue, with his direct style a feature of Lazio’s run to the Serie A Champion’s League places. He averages over three shot per game from wide, which have resulted in ten goals for him and nine assists for teammate.

Miralem Pjanc has been excellent for Roma this season yet again. In a deeper midfield role, he’s still contributed five goals and ten assists to the cause, but it’s his 90% pass completion rate which is all important for Rudi Garcia’s men. He makes Roma tick.

After the World Cup, we all had high hopes for Juan Cuadrado in the Premier League, but since his January move to Chelsea it just hasn’t happened for him, with Jose seemingly unwilling to rotate his favorites.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s biggest mistake is quite possibly the best young midfielder on the planet right now, after spearheading Juventus to yet another Scudetto, the Coppa Italia and a Champion’s League final. Paul Pogba is going to smash his way up the Top 100 in FIFA 16, and rightly so.

CSKA finished the season in a flurry of wins and with a massive goal difference, but they only kept 10 clean sheets with Akinfeev guarding the Moscow net. He’s not had a bad season, it’s just all been kind of mediocre really, and that may result in a minor downgrade for the Russian.

Any suggestions or other players you want to know? If so, please let us know and leave a message below: http://www.coininfifa.co/

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The Enhanced Skywhisper Glider is now available! This special archeage gold glider can accommodate a custom crest stamp on its wings. We’ve provided the UCC template here.

New Marketplace Items

Skywhisper Archeum Supply Crate – Has a rare chance to contain the Enhanced Skywhisper Glider. Available for 490 Credits.
Important: The Enhanced Skywhisper Glider is untradeable.
Important: The Enhanced Skywhisper Glider has already been upgraded once through the glider upgrade system.
Glider Wingmaker Scroll – Reverts a wingclipped glider back to an enhanced glider so it can be upgraded again. Can be crafted and also available for 800 Credits.
Reinforced Tail – Upgrades the tail of your submarine. Can be crafted and also available for 800 Credits.
Mining Drill – Can be placed and used to mine for a significant amount of stone and ore. Can be purchased for vocation badges in-game or from the Marketplace for 300 Credits.

New Award Items

Enhanced Skywhisper Glider – This special glider archeage gold sale
can accommodate a custom crest stamp on its wings. Available for 450 Loyalty Tokens.

Items removed from the Marketplace

Soulmare Archeum Supply Crate

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RS Druids Have Set to Hitch The Defence Of Taverley and Burthorpe   no comments

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The druids have set to hitch the defence of Taverley and Burthorpe, and they are trying to urge their god on their aspect. By concocting a drinkable with the assistance of their seasoner RS Gold specialist, you will gain Guthix’s favour and send the trolls packing.

Speak with Kaqemeex next to the Altar of Guthix south of the Heroes’ lodge. He can justify that the druids have to be compelled to decision upon the facility of Guthix to assist them defeat the trolls invasive from Burthorpe. conform to facilitate him and he can tell you to talk with Sanfew in Taverley.

Follow the road southeast into Taverley and you’ll realize Sanfew in a very house west of the petshop. raise him concerning the Ointment of imbalance. Sanfew can tell you he wants the ingredients for the ointment and raise you to gather a ampule of stainless Living water, Wandering wyrmwood and Stone scales. Before going away Sanfew can you provides a ampule.

Head southeast towards the dungeon entrance on the lake land and enter the cave. Follow the trail south till you discover a subterranean spring and use your empty ampule thereon to receive a ampule of Living water.

Exit the cave and follow the lake southwest till you reach a wheat field. Use a fishing pole and a Coin on the near sparkling fishing spot to catch a Stone fish. Use a Chisel on the fish to provide some Stone scales.

Continue to follow the lake till you reach its southern finish and appearance around this space for a gaggle of wyrmwood plants wandering concerning. ‘Take-from’ them to receive a Wandering wyrmwood.

Return to Sanfew with the ingredients and seek advice from him. He can combine them along and provides you the Ointment of imbalance. A cut scene can then occur within Cheap RS Gold which Kaqemeex perform the ritual.

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What is Elite slayer skill? This is an idea from a rs player. He calls this Slayer Elite skill Tactics, which requires 80 slayer, 80 hunter, 80 agility and 80 in any one RS gold combat skill. What else can it do? Read carefully.

This would be a combat support skill that would flesh out the current combat system and give us new monsters to fight like slayer does.

Fleshing out Combat System:

Tactics would expand on the combat triangle, giving each combat style true strengths and weaknesses rather than just magic beats melee, ect. Melee and ranged would get passive effects with each weapon type, for example longswords might get a damage bonus when using the Slice ability, Rapiers might get a increased crit chance, Bows might do more damage the closer you get to your target,and Enchanted bolts tips could be attached to higher tier bolts.

Magic would focus on spellbook buffs rather than weapon buffs, normal spellbook could add the effects of enfeeble and stagger to Fire Surge, ect, with the rune cost of course. Ancient Magicks could make their effects partly work with ability. The buffs from the new Seren spells could be increased slightly or possibly gain additional effects.

Armor could be expanded on as well, giving different passives to Tank, Power and Hybrid to further diversify each armour type. These changes aren’t intended to just make the player more powerful but to give us more of a reason to choose one weapon/spell/armour over another.

Besides what was mentioned above, Tactics would also allow us to fight new monsters, like slayer does. There will be no tasks to fight these monsters like with Slayer, each monster will have a mechanic or weakness needed to kil it, like certain slayer creatures. These could range from just using a certain weapon or typr of weapon to needing to track down and ambush the monster.

Killing these monsters will also be the way you train Tactics, gaining Tactics xp per kill alongside regular combat xp.

What do you think? It that possible? Leave a message below in http://www.max4rsgold.com/

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FIFA 16 player ratings should be the hotter topic among the thousands of hundreds of FIFA players. So many predictions for the ratings and we are Buy FIFA Coins willing to see some upgrades and downgrades this year for some players.

However, the anticipation for FIFA 16 is on a steady rise, and clearly, the most important feature fans anticipate is player ratings. In a recent gaming event in Madrid, fans were graced with the first El Clasico for FIFA 16. The gaming preview put up Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona against each other. In the match-up, stats were shared those in attendance.

Most notably, from the leaked information, we see the ratings for the two best players in the world, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi completed another historic treble lifting the Spanish domestic cup, La liga and the most notorious of them all, the Champions league. He lead the lethal attacking trio, MSN aka Messi, Suarez, Neymar, to scoring over 100 goals between themselves. Deservingly, Messi will be the best in FIFA 16 rated at 94 and Ronaldo will be bumped up to 93.

Featuring improvements in functionality as well as for the first team allowing the play as the International female teams, FIFA 16 will be released September 22nd on Xbox one, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PC.

As the release gets close, more statistics about the players will be added with the most important information for a lot of fans being the score updates for each football player. Team scores will affect the value of the player to the Ultimate Team. As these scores are updated based on the players real-life performances, it will be interesting to see who gets an increased score or whose performance drops.

In other news, the FIFA 16 PC system spec revealed. you can see the detailed requirements on our online store. Jordan Henderson is the new face of the UK front cover joining Lionel Messi. New features include women now being in the game which is a first, and a new no touch dribbling system so you can do feints move easily and effectively this year.

FIFA 16 is coming, but don’t forget to enjoy FIFA 15 Coins your FIFA 15 tournments with your friends.

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We are back for our predictions for FIFA 16 players’ ratings. Today, it is time to make the top 70 players squad. Alexis, Rakitic and coininfifa aging BBVA defenders make up the bulk of this line. In the following weeks before FIFA 16, we will be predicting.

70. Claudio Bravo. Barcelona’s league keeper has had a really great season in La Liga terms but also across Europe with Claudio Bravo claiming more clean sheets, saves per goal and the least goals conceded compared to Casillas, De Gea and Neuer.

69. Ivan Rakitic. It might be his glorious golden locks which sway so beautifully in the breeze, but I blummin love Ivan Rakitic, and his start to life at Barcelona has been really strong since his move from Sevilla. He’s only going to become more accomplished as well.

68. Miranda. Quieter season for Miranda this time, after last year’s heroics with teammate Diego Godin. Atletico have fallen short of previous achievements also but Miranda remains a steady CB option for Simeone if he stays this summer. Gimenez looks the real deal though, and may limit the Brazilian’s future opportunities.

67. Dani Alves. New contract signed, and with it Barcelona hero status secured. No matter how many times he’s written off Dani Alves seems to come back stronger and this season’s tally of 11 assists from fullback is among the best in Europe. The only thing stopping his rating moving is age.

66. Javier Mascherano. A bit like Pepe, in that Mascherano’s place may come under threat eventually by a younger model, but his influence in this Barcelona side right now, is as strong as ever. Whether in midfield or defence, he goes about his business quietly and effectively making him an integral cog in the Barca machine.

65. Pepe. With Varane waiting in the wings, Pepe may struggle to get past 30 appearances in the upcoming Real Madrid campaign, but if and when he is called upon his realiability is simply unquestionable. Prone to being an absolute knob-end as we all know but he’s still a resolute, top level defender in spite of all that unsavoury business.

We will continue to predict the player ratings for FIFA 16. However, it is not the official ones, you just need to read in http://www.coininfifa.co/

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In World of Warcraft Patch 6.2, we have a tendency to introduced a replacement series of seven totally different weekend Bonus Events, 2 of that feature Timewalking Dungeons—one in Outland dungeons for characters level seventy one and better, and another in Northrend dungeons for level eighty one and better. after you Timewalk these dungeons, your character’s power and kit are going to be scaled right down to a fraction of what they commonly area unit, and as you’ll have not ventured into some (or any) of those dangerous places, it would be an honest plan to arrange yourself currently.

Azjol-Nerub was associate degree empire of nice strength once the Lich King arrived in Northrend. Despite savage resistance, however, Scourge forces managed to overtake the subterranean kingdom and slaughter its inhabitants, the nerubians. Scarred by years of war and abandonment, this huge domain is currently occupied on 2 fronts.

In the higher Kingdom, undead nerubians patrol the ruins of their fatherland, guarding clutches of eggs that may in some unspecified time in the future originate a replacement generation of Scourge warriors. Meanwhile, within the depths of the recent Kingdom, Ahn’kahet, another enemy stirs: the anonymous ones. very little is understood of those atrocious creatures, however rumor has it that they associate degreeswer to an evil power lurking at a lower place Northrend. Destroying the undead nerubians and their tainted eggs can deal a good blow to the Lich King, however eliminating the mysterious anonymous ones is additionally crucial to reclaiming the fallen empire.

Elder Nadox

Nadox was once a commemorated nerubian leader World Health Organization schooled the traditional ways in which of his race to generations of broods. once the War of the Spider ravaged Azjol-Nerub, he was overcome by legions of undead. The Lich King alive his stiff and bled everything wise and noble from Nadox, forcing him to slaughter his students, friends, and every one different nerubians World Health Organization opposed the would possibly of the Scourge.

Prince Taldaram

After Kael’thas’s failing assault against the Lich King, a number of his greatest blood elf followers were slaughtered and raised into undeath as darkfallen. aristocrat Taldaram is one among these crafty and bloody vampiric beings. continually seeking to please the Lich King, he has entered the destroyed depths of Ahn’kahet in search of lost nerubian relics which will empower the Scourge’s homicidal ranks.

Jedoga Shadowseeker

Jedoga dreams of apocalypse. She is reported to be one among the foremost passionate adherents of the Twilight’s Hammer. underneath the steering of the unmerciful ogre mage Cho’gall, she learned to twist her shamanic powers to serve the recent Gods. shortly past, Jedoga journeyed into the bowels of Ahn’kahet to arrange for the wonderful day once Yogg-Saron can arise and cover the lands of Azeroth in shadow.


For ages, fungi and different benign kinds of life have thrived in Ahn’kahet’s damp sun-starved caverns. solely recently has Yogg-Saron unfold its oppressive can into this isolated scheme. The recent God used its huge wicked powers to warp one among Ahn’kahet’s native beasts into a monstrous creature called Amanitar, associate degree unthinking terror covered the harmful energies of its master.

Herald Volazj

Amid the Scourge’s invasion of Azjol-Nerub, several of the kingdom’s denizens tunneled underground to flee the Lich King’s minions. however a number of them mammary gland too deep, exposing the tendrils of Yogg-Saron. Roused by this disturbance, the entity has sent one among its most ancient warriors – Herald Volazj – to cull the beleaguered nerubians and wipe out anyone foolish enough to threaten the recent God.
More wow golds: http://www.zyy.com/

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Trolls love goutweed. They am passionate about it such a lot that they’ve picked it all, and currently they cannot get any further. However, in his malodorous room within the Troll fastness, Burntmeat the cook has detected a rumour that goutweed is growing all over again, for anyone who’s got the talent to farm it. are you able to teach his young assistant – an easy troll called My Arm – to grow the valuable RS Gold goutweed? can you overcome My Arm’s stubbornness and content to earn yourself Burntmeat’s reward? Dare you accompany My Arm on this unambiguously trollish expedition?

More significantly, are you able to survive AN attack from a seriously massive mountain-dwelling bird?

Travel to the Troll fastness. Once within, descend down a group of stairs to the south and speak Burntmeat. He can tell you that he has seen that Goutweed is fully grown by farming. conform to facilitate him ANd a cut scene can occur of him cookery an adventurer. Burntmeat can then tell you to assist his assistant My Arm with growing the Goutweed.

Talk to My Arm, close to the goat cage to the east. He can tell you that you just should search the cookery pot at the Death upland for a Goutweedy lump.

Make your thanks to the Death upland, however watch out for Thrower Trolls (level 77) and Mountain Trolls (level 75) inhabiting the upland. it’s thus suggested that you just use the shield from scrimmage and Ranged prayers throughout your keep. Once there, search the cookery pot within the center, while having a Bucket in your inventory. you’ll} receive a Goutweedy lump and therefore the cooks Ash or Dung may begin to attack you.

Return to the Troll fastness and show the Goutweedy lump to My Arm, United Nations agency can eat it. He can then tell you that he has been making an attempt to farm Goutweed however with no success and can take you to the roof of fastness. Once up there, confer with My Arm once more to the north and he can provide you with a Farming manual. scan the book and tell My Arm that three buckets of Ugthanki dung and seven buckets of Super compost ar required to fertilize the soil.

There ar a pair of ways that to induce your hands on the three buckets of Ugthanki dung. If you have got completed the Enakhra’s Lament quest, then the best thanks to acquire it’s to speak to at least one of Al Kharid’s camels whereas sporting a Camulet . The artiodactyl can then tell you to shut your eyes when that the dung can seem on the bottom. If you haven’t completed the Enakhra’s Lament quest, then you want to trip Pollnivneach. Once there, raise Ali the shish kebab vendor for a bottle of hotdog sauce. Use the sauce with one among the artiodactyls’ trough at the camel search to the south. one among the camels can eat from the trough and many second later some dung can seem. Fill three Buckets with the Ugthanki dung.

Head back to the highest of the Troll fastness. while having a Spade in your inventory, use the three buckets of Ugthanki dung and seven buckets of Super compost on the soil patch close to My Arm. confer with him once more and he can say that you just ought to go together with him to the Tai Bwo Wannai village. A cut scene can occur during which Captain Barnaby can take you and My Arm from East Ardougne to Brimhaven.

Upon your arrival, My Arm can tell you to satisfy him within the Tai Bwo Wannai village. Head south towards the village and confer with My Arm to the east of sales outlet. He can direct you to Murcaily close to the Mahogany and Teak trees within the japanese a part of the village.

Murcaily can tell that a traditional arthritis tuber won’t grow that top within the mountains which solely a special kind are going to be able to grow there, the Hardy arthritis tubers. He won’t provide you with one unless you have got a Tai Bwo Wannai pack up favor level of hr or higher. after you have the desired favor, Murcaily can solely provide you with oneHardy arthritis tuber and a cut scene can occur during which My Arm makes a “Rumble in prosecutor Jungle”. Murcaily can then inform you that he can provide you with additional tubers if you’re taking My Arm away.

Report back to My Arm close to the final store and you’ll then travel back to East Ardougne. He can then tell a couple of huge bird that attacks his crops which you ought to prepare yourself for a fight. Visit a bank and withdraw a weapon, armor, a Prayer drink and a good quantity of fine food. Unless you have got keep your husbandry tools with the Tool elf, you’ll even have eliminate a Rake, Spade, Seed hand tool, and a bucket of Super compost.

Once ready, head back to the roof of the Troll fastness and confer with My Arm once more. He can raise you to help him and to produce him with the required garderning tools. Firstly, hand him the Rake and he can begin weeding. once the patch has been weedless, My Arm can counsel that the soil should be treated before the planting will begin. provide him a bucket of Super compost and he can raise the tubers and a seed planting device. Hand him the Hardy arthritis tubers and a Seed hand tool and My Arm can plant them. Withdraw your Spade from the Tool elf currently as he won’t be there when the fight. A cut scene can occur involving a sottish dwarf.

Shortly when, a Baby mythical monster (level 56) can seem and attack you. it’s not terribly arduous to defeat it. Once dead, prepare yourself for following fight and a large mythical monster (level 77) can seem. She uses all three attack designs (Magic/Ranged/Melee) and may destroy your cannon.

Ranged attack: she’s going to throw rocks at you, dealing lots of injury.
Magic attack: she’s going to stun little amount of your time, however not dealing lots of injury.
scrimmage attack: She seldom uses this as a result of it’s her weakest attack.

Strategy: it’s counseled that you just use the shield from Ranged prayer once fighting the enormous mythical monster as a result of that’s her strongest attack. If you want to vary or mage her, you’ll be able to semi-safe spot behind the farming patch and therefore the Tool Leprechaun’s beach-chair.

When you have killed the enormous mythical monster, the Goutweed are going to be grown. provides a Spade to My Arm and he can begin harvest home it. you’ll receive some Farming XP for this, and My Arm can gain a Farming level.

Report back to Burntmeat and he can provide Cheap RS Gold you with 1-28 items of Burnt meat. speak My Arm on the roof of the Troll fastness to assert a more robust reward.

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Zombie Party On Braindeath Island   no comments

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Zombie pirates have arisen on Braindeath Island, and that they do not look friendly. Production of ‘rum’ has stopped, and therefore the pirate brewers RuneScape gold square measure running afraid.

Can you overcome the horde of intoxicated , undead pirates?

Can you even get to the island while not obtaining a cacophonic headache?

Speak to Pirate Pete at the little dock north of Port Phasmatys. raise him if he has any quests out there and he can tell you a “sob story”. conform to facilitate him, and he can mention a demon named Barrelor the Destroyer. Tell him that you just square measure brave enough however tell him to stay the cash he offers you. Pirate Pete can knock you unconscious with a bottle. A cut scene can occur of Pirate Pete reproof Captain Braindeath in a very industrial plant.

You can rouse on Braindeath Island and Captain Braindeath will tell you regarding his rum industrial plant, a bunch of zombie protesters outside, and his set up of attempting to induce the captain of the zombies drunk. Captain Braindeath can then offer you a Blindweed seed and tell you to grow some Blindweed within the solely patch still intact.

Take the steps to the south out of the industrial plant and head to the foremost southeastern farming patch. Rake the Blindweed patch and plant the Blindweed seed. Once it’s grown, choose the Blindweed and come back to Captain Braindeath.

Captain Braindeath can raise you to position the Blindweed within the hopper upstairs. Climb up the ladder within the southeastern corner of the industrial plant and place the Blindweed within the hopper to the northwest.

Return to Captain Braindeath, United Nations agency can offer you a Bucket and raise you to fetch a Bucket of water. Leave the industrial plant and head west to atiny low bridge. attempt to open the gate, and you’ll distract five hundredth Luke, guarding the gate, to induce past.

Head up the volcano and use a bucket on the stagnant lake to get a Bucket of water. Take the bucket to Captain Braindeath, United Nations agency can raise you to dump it into the hopper upstairs.

Once you’ve got empty the Bucket of water into the hopper, speak to Captain Braindeath once more. He can raise you to catch some Sluglings and provides you a tangled Fishbowl and web. Head to the fishing spots within the southeastern a part of the island and catch five Sluglings.

Put the Sluglings within the pressure barrel on the highest floor of the industrial plant and pull the close lever.

Return to Captain Braindeath, United Nations agency can inform you that the production controls square measure possessed by AN disembodied spirit and he can offer you a Wrench. The captain can tell you that you just should grasp blessed by a priest so provide the production controls a few of belts with it. Head into the sleeping quarters to the west and ask Davey to possess it blessed.

Bash the controls within the space to the west victimization the Holy wrench ANd an disembodied spirit (level 56) can seem.

Once it’s been defeated, ask Captain Braindeath regarding gathering the ultimate ingredient. He can raise the body of a deceased fever spider. check that you are carrying person gloves and head down into the basement. Kill a Fever spider and obtain the Fever spider body. Head to the highest floor of the industrial plant and place the body within the hopper.

Report back to Captain Braindeath and he can begin production the rum. once it’s prepared, he can offer you a Bucket to carry the rum and tell you to require it to Captain Donnie. flip the output faucet within the southwestern corner of the industrial plant to catch the rum in a very Bucket.

Head outside and provides the unhealthful swill to Captain Donnie, United Nations agency can tell you his boss is termed fanatic Jack.

Talk to Captain Braindeath to receive your RS Gold reward.

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