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Centre-back Gary Cahill and striker Daniel Sturridge will be the only survivors from Thursday’s 2-1 loss to Uruguay in Sao Paulo, which sealed England’s elimination in the FIFA Ultimate Team Coins group phase.

“Well, Ben Foster will play in goal,” Hodgson told a pre-match press conference at the Estadio Mineirao.

“The right-back will be Phil Jones. Gary Cahill will play centre-half alongside Chris Smalling, and Luke Shaw will play left-back.

“In midfield we will have (James) Milner, (Frank) Lampard, (Jack) Wilshere, (Ross) Barkley and (Adam) Lallana, and Sturridge will play up front.”

Southampton left-back Shaw, 18, and 20-year-old Everton midfielder Barkley will be making their first competitive starts for England.

While Hodgson is eager to give as many members of his squad a taste of World Cup football as possible, he also wants to see his side sign off with a victory.

“With a very different team and a lot of players who haven’t played in the tournament so far, I wanted everyone to go home from this tournament — or at least as many as possible — having taken part and played in a game, not just training,” he said.

“We’re very conscious of the fact that our fans are as disappointed and devastated as we are, but they are still here supporting us.

“We came into the hotel and received a lot of sympathy, kind words from them, and we really want to make certain tomorrow (Tuesday) night that they see something that they can take some encouragement from.

“And most importantly of all, it’s a top-class international on the biggest stage of all, the World Cup, so anything else than taking the game very seriously and trying to win the game in its own right would be out of the question.”

Hodgson had already announced that 36-year-old Lampard would captain the side, on what is expected to be his final England appearance, with regular skipper Steven Gerrard starting on the bench.

Lampard is expected to announce his international retirement after the tournament, but Hodgson still hopes to be able to call upon the former Chelsea midfielder in future.

“With regard to Frank Lampard, he’s 36,” Hodgson added. “We don’t know as yet what his next destination is. I would be more than happy if Frank remains available for selection because you never know when you need players.

“A quality player like him, I am sure he could serve the country well even in the future, but I haven’t had that conversation with him as such as yet.”

While there is nothing riding on the match for England, Costa Rica require a point from the game to secure top spot in Group D.

England FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins team to play Costa Rica: Ben Foster; Phil Jones, Gary Cahill, Chris Smalling, Luke Shaw; Frank Lampard (capt), Jack Wilshere; James Milner, Ross Barkley, Adam Lallana; Daniel Sturridge

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FUT 15 Issues Since Updated   no comments

Last week, EA had updated to fix the bugs of FUT 15 app for Android and iPhone. But everything hasn’t gone smoothly for some as I played it after the latest update. FIFA Ultimate Team Coins still hold some problems since the update. Here are some details.

The update offered off-the-pitch improvements and immersive full-screen support, but since downloading the latest FUT 15 update, problems with disconnection or not being able to connect to the server remain. A look at user reviews on the Google Play Store and App Store app descriptions also reveals a similar story.

For example on Google Play, one player wrote. “Haven’t been able to connect since the update. I just updated the game and since that I have been unable to start the game. After the load screen it just stays on the connect to server and stays that way. This is a big issue for me despite the fact that it is a really enjoyable game. Plus I had a whole 84+rated psg team which I built after putting in a lot of hours in the game, I hope I don’t lose my team. Please fix EA, the game is best on the market if you guys respond to some of our issues. My recommendation to all others is don’t update yet.”

Another Android app use said: “ when I log into Facebook my game crashes and says status 409 called 1002 and I can’t log in so I had to uninstall then reinstall and it still said that error so EA please help me out.”

Overall the game is good. However, whenever I go to bid on a player, or am half way through a game, or have scored a message pops up saying cannot connect to ultimate team server. Meaning I have to play the game 3 or 4 times but it still uses up my contracts.

Though, according to use reviews, these problems listed above are not affecting all players. But since some players are complaining on the internet, and I myself encountered with these problems, that means there are really something wrong. I hope EA can see this and fix the problems as soon as possible.

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Video gaming’s worst year ever   no comments

The games have been terrible and GamerGate has muddied the name of gamers everywhere, but is 2014 so bad it will leave lasting damage?

For the last few months I’ve been joking that the end of year review for 2014 will be more akin to writing an obituary for the games industry. But somehow things have managed to get even worse in the last few weeks, and there no longer seems any point waiting till December in order to confirm 2014 as a complete and utter disaster for video games.

The initial problem was simply that this year’s crop of games has been extremely disappointing. That’s not at all unusual for the first full year in a new console’s life, but the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, like the Wii U before them, have had an especially poor start.

None of their launch games have impressed and despite the PlayStation 4’s overwhelming sales success its line-up of exclusives this year has been shamefully uninteresting. This has culminated in just a single first party game for the whole of Christmas: Driveclub, which almost two weeks after launch still doesn’t work properly.

Opinions on their exact quality vary but major new franchises Watch Dogs and Destiny have both been disappointingly bland and unambitious, while the equally anticipated Titanfall has proven to have a half-life of mere weeks. Even FIFA 15 has been the worst reviewed entry in the series for years, while the much anticipated survival horror revival has already stalled thanks to the flawed Alien Isolation and The Evil Within.

This is a subjective list of course, but although everyone will have their own opinion on each individual game it’s impossible to argue that the cumulative effect is anything other than grossly disappointing. If you don’t own a Wii U or a PC, and especially if you don’t tend to like indie games, then the year’s harvest of great games is undeniably the worst in living memory.

And this at a time when all video games companies should have been making their best effort. The traditional games industry is currently under attack from all sides, with mainstream audiences increasingly happy to rely on smartphones and tablets for their gaming fix – rather than machines actually conducive to playing games on.

I’ve personally made this point to execs at both Sony and Microsoft but this new generation of consoles seems to be the worst prepared for, not the best. That’s despite having longer than ever to get ready (given how long the last generation lasted) and having the fumbled launches of the 3DS, PS Vita, and Wii U as case studies in how not to launch a new console.

But unfortunately 2014’s poor quality games aren’t even the half of it. If ordinary people, those that play the odd game of FIFA or Call Of Duty – or Candy Crush or Clash Of Clans – ever felt uncomfortable with being called a gamer before, then the term must now have been poisoned beyond all redemption. And the reason for that of course is GamerGate.

The sociological studies needed to explain what GamerGate is and how it came about will no doubt keep psychologists in business for years to come. The Wikipedia entry is as good as any at explaining the basics, and shows how the whole movement is based on nothing but the ravings of a female developer’s ex-boyfriend and a level of misogyny that you’d find hard to credit existing in the Middle Ages, let alone the modern day.

And yet still some moderate gamers claim that GamerGate is a valid movement, that it’s vaguely stated goal to improve journalistic standards is important enough to ignore the threats of murder and rape as the actions of a vocal minority. They certainly are that but the sheer level of hatred immediately invalidates concerns over whether Game X has received too high a review score or not.

Where this outpouring of hatred has come from is certainly the most baffling part of the whole controversy. It’s tempting to suggest that gamers have become so bored and disenchanted with the last 12 months or so of releases that it’s literally driven them mad, but that risks trivialising the issue.

Taking a step back the real explanation is that this doesn’t really have anything to do with video games at all. After all, no well-known games or publishers have been named by GamerGate’s proponents and instead almost all the victims of their attacks are female developers, feminist commentators, and those that would support them.

Much of the abuse comes via Twitter and in that context GamerGate must merely take its place amongst the litany of other abusive campaigns. In this sense it’s easy to see GamerGate gate as having nothing more to do with video games than the harassment of Caroline Criado-Perez has to do with the literary appreciation of Jane Austen.

But unfortunately gaming is a perfect breeding ground for bigotry and misogyny, with its in-built tribalism, innumerable niches, and traditionally male audience. The concern often voiced by GamerGate proponents is that SJWs (social justice warriors – which, incredibly, is used as an insult) are attempting to pervert and alter the gamer identity, and to focus too much on non-traditional games and cultural criticism within reviews.

What the former is actually supposed to mean in practice is largely a mystery. The whole problem with this year in particular is that there have been too few non-traditional games, just the usual obscure indie releases and dull, predictable blockbusters. If the only attempts at big budget new franchises this year are Titanfall, Watch Dogs, and Destiny then describing them as non-traditional or pro-feminist propaganda is too ludicrous even for GamerGate.

Which brings us full circle to why 2014 is the worst thing to happen to video games since the industry crash of 1983. In short nobody is happy. While decades of studies has failed to find any connection between video games and real-world violence the general public now believe that GamerGate has provided all the evidence they need. Or certainly enough to colour their opinion of gaming for good.

GamerGate followers are furious about issues that seem to exist only in their own heads; while the ordinary, sensible gamers have much more prosaic concerns. All they want is for their hobby’s name not to be dragged through the dirt and for some decent games to play. Which may also be the only way out of the problem.

This year has had some great games after all: Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and Dark Souls II may all be sequels but they’d be regarded as classics on even the most bumper of years. And there’s every reason to hope that forthcoming games such as Sunset Overdrive, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, and others will also be good.

It might not be enough to turn around the year as a whole but at least it offers a chance to enjoy some new video games that offer the kind of imagination and excitement that is the reason people play games in the first place.

But while 2015’s release schedule should hopefully wipe away the memory of this year’s line-up the damage left by GamerGate will be not be so easy to repair. Especially not when the best advice to combat it is simply to try and be as nice as possible to other people, particularly when online.

That might sound like a trite pleasantry, but the fact that suggesting people be nice to each other is seen as simplistic and naïve is part of the problem. So next time you start typing out a hateful – or merely disrespectful – tweet, comment, or forum post try to remember that the person you’re insulting at the other end of the Internet isn’t just a username, they’re a real human being with feelings and heartfelt viewpoints of their own.

Rather than getting drawn into a spiral of virtual mud-slinging why not just leave Twitter alone for a while and go and play a video game instead? There might not be that many good ones this year but there’s nothing as exciting, unpredictable, imaginative, visceral, cerebral, or sociable as a good video game. And it’s easy to lose sight of that in what is definitely video gaming’s annus horribilis.

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FIFA’s Jerome Valcke backing Indian football   no comments

FIFA 15 Coins Secretary General Jerome Valcke has reaffirmed the commitment of world football’s governing body to help develop football in India.

Valcke was in Delhi on Tuesday to meet with the sports ministry ahead of the FIFA U17 World Cup that will take place in India in 2017.

And Valcke applauded the efforts of organisers of the inaugural Indian Super League for attracting marquee names such as Robert Pires, Freddie Ljunberg and Marco Materazzi to the sub-continent.

“What I would definitely like to say is that we at FIFA support any new event that will help to develop football in India or anywhere else in the world,” Valcke told Sky Sports.

“We thank all the private owners that are building teams in the ISL and bringing in stars from abroad because that is one way that you can bring that passion around the game.

“All of the fans in India know these stars who have played in Europe and different World Cups but we must also try and strike the right balance.

“In 2017, there will be the U17 FIFA World Cup here and that is definitely one big milestone in the organisation of the game of football in India.

“We must all work together in order to have one goal which is to develop football in India.”

Valcke was the guest of honour at the ISL’s third match, which pitted Alessandro Del Piero’s Delhi Dynamos against David Trezeguet’s FC Pune City.

The match finished goalless but Valcke was impressed by the fervent support for football in a country that is traditionally associated with cricket.

“Watching this game between Delhi and Pune was amazing because there was such a strong support from the 35,000+ people in the stadium,” he said.

“From what I understand the crowd in Kolkata (for the match between Atletico and Mumbai City on Sunday) was even bigger, something like 50,000 people.

“It shows that football not only has the potential, but is also now a reality in India.”

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FIFA 15 continues to show mammoth growth   no comments

Entering it’s second week, the title shows no sign of slowing as it beats out single platform titles Super Smash Bros. and Forza Horizon 2.

Following on from yesterday’s 62.75% annual growth rate reveal, FIFA 15 has taken out the number #1 spot in both the Australian and New Zealand IGEA All Platform Charts for the second consecutive week.

NPD Group Australia has confirmed that the title has again shown continued growth, with the title boasting a sales increase of 59.69% for the first two weeks, compared to FIFA 14 in the same time period last year.

Nathan Lindberg, Vice President, Sales at Curse Gaming has also confirmed to MCV Pacific that their Futhead.com FIFA Community site has seen an increase of almost 300% in Australian Unique traffic year-on-year.

With the Week 41 charts expected next Monday, it will be interesting to see if FIFA 15 can hold off SEGA’s Alien: Isolation and Warner Bros.’ Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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FIFA 15 sales up over 60% year on year   no comments

Electronic Arts Australia has revealed the massive increase to MCV Pacific today.

Following on from it’s debut at #1 in both Australia and New Zealand, EA has announced a massive 62.75% sales increase for FIFA 15 across Australia and New Zealand in it’s opening week, compared to FIFA 14 in the same time last year.

The result has been confirmed by NPD Group.

Arbie Artinian, EA Sports Label Marketing Manager for APAC, told MCV Pacific, “The growth of FIFA in Australia is testament to EA SPORTS commitment to delivering a high-quality game with significant innovations and improvements, year after year. Pivotal to the success and growth of FIFA is our player-first approach – listening to community, taking feedback on improvements in game-play, authenticity and modes.

“We’re dedicated to continually raising the bar every year and giving our Australian and New Zealand gamers the ultimate player experience.“

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5 Best FIFA 15 home kits   no comments

Its been a few weeks since the game got released, and here we have the 5 best FIFA 15 home kits to look out for. Fans who have already been following the new season would be having a fair idea about the kits of some of the top teams around the world, but let’s see if they make the cut.

#5. Everton

Country: England

League: Barclays Premier League

Everton have got themselves a very impressive kit this time around. They have stuck to their traditional blue stripes and Umbro returns as their shirt manufacturer with whom they enjoyed success in the past. The Tofees have shown a lot of ambition for this season by signing Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea for a club record fee and with stars such as Samuel Eto’o, Gareth Barry, Leighton Baines and Kevin Mirallas to aid him, fans wouldn’t want to miss out on playing with Everton in the game.

#4. Atletico Madrid

Country: Spain

League: La liga

The difference between last season and this season in the kit’s design for the reigning La liga Champions is the colour of the sleeve. Last time it was red completely, but this time around, there are also some large white spaces in between the vertical red lines. After losing out on the likes of Diego Costa, Filipe Luis and Thibaut Courtois to Chelsea, it will be a tough task for Atletico Madrid to repeat last season’s feats despite the fact that they have bought some decent replacements for the trio. But you can help them achieve it in the virtual world, and this classy kit will definitely pull you towards them.

#3. Club Universidad de Guadalajara

Country: Mexico

League: Liga MX

Club Universidad de Guadalajara, also known shortly as Leones Negros is the surprise package on this list. People may have mixed opinion about this kit, but you definitely can’t ignore it. Primarily it has red, yellow and black stripes on the shirt accompanied by black shorts and they ply their trade in the Mexican league.

#2. Borussia Dortmund

Country: Germany

League: Bundesliga

It remains to be seen what kind of an impact Ciro Immobile will be making at Borussia Dortmund replacing Robert Lewandowski, but there are no questions about the quality of the kit they have come up with for the new season, and it is going to look fabulous in the game. They have stuck to their traditional yellow and black colours. The yellow shirt has neat black stripes on the right side and is plain on the other side, and its the opposite in their sleeves with the stripes present only on the left side and not on the right.

#1. Germany

And for a change, we have a national team and they are right on top of this apart from being the top of the World rankings. World Champions Germany showed us their impressive kit in the World Cup with a red stripe across their chest. The above picture is taken from the FIFA 14 World Cup edition game, but the kit looks the same in FIFA 15 as well. So do not wait any longer and look to replicate their success in the virtual world too.

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25 Best Youngsters To Sign   no comments

Rest easy, people. FUT 15 Coins is well and truly back with a bang.

But we’re not just talking about the noise your controller makes when you smash it off the wall in anger. FIFA 15 is already driving people crazy, but to the top of the world – almost in equal measure. You’re probably getting tired of those frustrated screams from your partner since this game has become the third member of your relationship, or of those clips around the ear from your parents for shouting obscenities at the television screen late at night.

While the Ultimate Team transfer market prices spiral out of control or you find that you struggle to get out Division 10 on seasons, find some solace in an old favourite: Career Mode.

There aren’t many FIFA modes that provide you with more fun. Taking a rubbish League Two outfit to the top of the Premier League or just adding to the ridiculous fire power Real Madrid possess is a great way to spend your time. But one of the most satisfying things about Career Mode is bringing those young gems you find up through the ranks and into the first team. Before you know it, they’re world class stars.

But where do you find them this year? Who is your next Cristiano Ronaldo, where does he play and what can you expect from him?

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FIFA 15 Rabona free-kick with Ronaldo tutorial   no comments

FIFA 15 is cementing its place at the top of the gaming charts at the moment, with fans unable to put the game down – especially when it comes to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode. Now, we offer up a great tip for those that are looking for a FIFA 15 rabona free-kick tutorial with Ronaldo.

The rabona looks amazing in FIFA 15 if you can pull it off. First of all though, if you want to take free-kicks using the special skill move, you’ll need to know that there are only two players in the entire game who can pull it off – those being Ronaldo and the great Ronaldinho.

Since Ronaldinho is restricted to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, most of you will be trying to pull this off with Ronaldo. The good news is that it is not a difficult skill to pull off, and the FIFA 15 rabona free-kick buttons on PS4 and Xbox One are the same.


To do it on PS4, simply hold Left stick left and press square to shoot. After that, quickly hold L2 and then flick the left stick to the right and then keep pressing square.

It’s the same formula on Xbox One. Hold left stick left and then press X to shoot, after that do the same by holding Left trigger and then left stick right and tap X.


With some practise you’ll be pulling off the rabona from a direct free kick position towards the goal. The magic is obviously perfecting the move so that you can actually score from it.

EA has shared a video below of a goal being scored using the same FIFA 15 skill move so we’ll include that below as well to show that it is possible to score from it.


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Tops Sales Charts as Expected   no comments

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FIFA 15 just released, and many people are excited to see what the new entry in the series will bring. When it comes to football, each year there is typically a competition between FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) to compete for the best football game of the year. Technically there is another game called Football Manager, but it only has you managing a Football Team, and you don’t control the players, which many people do not enjoy.

One of the new features that FIFA 15 was supposed to have was increased player emotion. The reviews for the game said that while you can tell the players have more emotion when you are playing, it doesn’t come into effect until you see the replays of the players.

In previous FIFA games, the replays would show lifeless players making great plays. In FIFA 15, you can see some more detailed animations and facial reactions from the players. As usual, before FIFA 15 was released, the developers for PES talked some trash about the game, saying that FIFA is not nearly as realistic as PES. Their complaints about FIFA 15 usually boil down to the players not behaving like actual football players, and that you can use tactics that would never work in an actual football match.

This hasn’t seemed to deter many FIFA fans though, because the games’ sales have been increasing year after year. As far as new game modes go, FIFA 15 is largely more of the same. There have been some enhancements here and there, but the game is largely the same.

This could be a bad thing if you are not into the game, but EA is betting that you probably are. So far, the sales of the game look pretty well. It’s on pretty much every platform that is out right now, including mobile devices. For mobile devices, the game only has the Ultimate Team game mode, in which your goal is to build your ultimate team of football players. You can buy packs of players with real money, kind of like a trading card game, and then play them in football matches.

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Underrated Teams To Use In FIFA 15   no comments

This year, FIFA 15 has included several fantastic football clubs in game, which you can utilize in the new game,Barcelona, Chelsea etc. They definitely provide kind of satisfaction. But there are also teams that looks like a massive underdog on paper.

We know that the best teams are so expensive to use. No everyone can do this. So we’re starting to get a good feel for which underrated teams are best to use when you want to truly embarrass that unsuspecting foe on the other side of the couch.

AC. Milan, speed kills and Milan have it in droves. Six players possess a pace of 85 or higher, and it is not just limited to one part of the pitch. Ignazio Abate and Pablo Armero, the two fastest players on the team can make dangerous overlapping runs from the full-back positions. Stephan EI Shaarawy and M’Baye Niang combine four-star skill moves and blazing wheels on the wings.

Equipped with four-star skill moves, Jeremy Menez is listed as a right-winger, but he could be slotted at center forward to get five lightning-fast players in the same starting XI. Fernando Tores, whose virtual self has been better than his real-life counterpart the last several years, and exciting veteran Robinho. This team has loads of dangerous options moving forward.

Though Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund get most of the attention out of the Bundesliga, Schalke, who currently sit 10th on the league table, are a sneaky good option if you want to roll with a German squad. Sidney Sam and Jefferson Farfan provide tremendous speed on the outside while Klaas Jan Huntelaar, albeit a mostly unexciting player in terms of video games is the second highest rated striker in Germany.

The defense outside of center back Benedikt Howrdes is a little shaky, but with Kevin-Prince Boateng and Julian Draxler also providing solid attacking options.

Though ratings in Fifa 15 IOS Coins are important, ratings are not everything. Don’t let the ratings fool you. You should pick the teams that meet your need. You will find they are much more useful than these highly-rated squads.

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